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We believe everyone shares the responsibility to protect our mother earth on which we all inhabit. There are better options in everyday life where everyone could help the environment in different ways. SIX-REALMS wants to bring positive impacts to the industry and our planet by making sustainability a crucial pillar of our business. 



AppleSkin Leather

AppleSkin is an innovative new material that uses waste from the fruit juice industry. The material is made in Italy and contains approximately 30% of apples. It up-cycles waste materials and minimizes our carbon footprint by using less natural resources. It has the premium feel of real leather without sacrificing animal lives. You can find AppleSkin in our latest handbag collection. 

Plant-based Cellulose Acetate

We use plant-based cellulose acetate in all of our sunglasses because of its high quality and flexible characteristics. This material lends itself to be gently formed when heated for a perfect fit on any face. It is also non-irritating and non-sensitizing on skin. In contrast to petroleum-based plastic, our plant-based cellulose acetate is partially biodegradable, keeping in line with our goal of being eco-friendly in both our products and manufacturing. 

Our cellulose acetate is sourced from Mazzucchelli in Italy, widely regarded as a best-in-industry manufacturer. They obtain raw materials from a combination of cotton and wood pulp to make cellulose, a natural and renewable material. They are regarded as sustainable because the materials are from an assessed source. The cellulose extracts are then treated with Acetic anhydride and become cellulose acetate powder. In order for the powder to form into the desired workability, flexibility and toughness, they add dyes and pigments as well as plasticizer, which comes from a vegetable origin. The whole production process takes place in Italy and Mazzucchelli is committed to manufacturing under ethical working conditions.


Today, advanced technology allows for synthetic leather to be almost indistinguishable from real leather in terms of appearance, touch and feel; however, many synthetic leathers are actually more harmful for the environment because of chemical processing during their production. Due to this reason, we carefully selected the best option in the market to keep a balance between high-quality feel and a low environmental impact. 

We use Mycro-Leather in our handbag collection, which is a polyurethane-based material with backing made from recycled material. It is created by a leading synthetic leather company called Giardini in Italy and their entire production is strictly ‘Made in Italy’ and ISO9001 Certified, fully complying with the strictest environmental protection standards (Ecolabel Certification) and restriction of chemicals (REACH). Moreover, our Mycro-Leather observes even more restrictive limits under Cads_Prop 65 and Oekotex regulations. The materials are made without the use of solvents and a very low quantity of DMF (<200 ppm) in the production process.  

New Vegan Leather 

We are currently working with a few companies that offer innovative leather alternatives. They all use natural fibres from various fruits and plants as an ingredient to make sustainable vegan leather.

It will take us a little while to do some testing to ensure that they are aligned with our standards. We cannot wait to show you our new collections using all these exciting materials. Please stay tuned!


Fair and Ethical

In order to create and nurture sustainability throughout our design and production, we ensure that our suppliers and partners do not use child labour, offer fair salaries and provide safe working conditions for all. We visit all vendors regularly to ensure all parties continue to share the same values and work towards the same goals of ours and our customers. 


Sustainable Consumption 

We only release two collections annually. This allows us to carefully develop and fine-tune our products. By focusing on creating designs that are timeless and of high quality (in other words, making products with long-lasting style and high durability), we encourage conscious, sustainable consumption patterns.