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While establishing SIX-REALMS, we had a vision of creating a brand that resonates with people who love artisan products, animals, and the environment. That's why all our partners are carefully selected and speak to us in terms of values and quality.



All of our handbags are made in Ubrique, a small town in southern Spain that calls itself home to some of the world’s best leather craftsmen. Although a small town of less than 18,000 residents, Ubrique has been celebrated for over a century as the birthplace of some of the world’s top luxury leather goods. 

We worked with Ana for our handbag collection, who leads a boutique leather goods manufacturing company in Ubrique. Hers is one of the only factories in town founded by a woman, and supports the local community by offering courses on leather crafting for those looking to break into the industry. The craftspeople work 5 days a week with a premium paid for any overtime. 

Ana and SIX-REALMS share the same vision and values towards crafting leather and running a sustainable business. We share a common mission to be a sustainable brand and work with one another to ensure we are using the most modern and cruelty-free materials and processes. SIX-REALMS visits the factory at least once a year to work closely with the team in Spain to refresh this shared vision. 



We are very proud to have our sunglasses made locally in Toronto, Canada. It means a lot to us to have some products made here to showcase Canadian craftsmanship and celebrate Canadian-made products. As a Canadian-based brand, it was important to us to balance the world-class talent with centuries of experience that we use in Spain with home-grown talent local to us here in Canada. 

We work with a small manufacturing studio here in Toronto on our sunglasses collection. Odin, the owner of the studio, leads a small team of skilled artisans who specialize in custom handmade acetate frames. They are very supportive of Canadian designers like SIX-REALMS and are constantly collaborating with different brands and students from design schools for special projects. 

When we reached out to Odin saying that we wanted to launch a sunglasses collection that is locally-made, he was very encouraging and believed in us and our mission to create a sustainable brand. Everyone in the studio is passionate about what they are doing and insists on creating eyewear with the highest quality.