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$180.00 USD

The SATORI BOX series is a perfect combination of classic meets contemporary. A simple rectangular bag effortlessly hangs off a carefully crafted metal frame. This sculptural design suggests the illusion of a floating bag. The front flap features a strong magnetic closure, enabling easy and secure access to its contents. Accessories include one hand-held strap and one shoulder strap.

Width - 24 cm
Height - 15.5 cm 
Depth - 6 cm 
Short strap - 45 cm 
Long strap - 107 cm to 117 cm 
Weight - 0.45 kg

Material - Italian Mycro-leather
Interior - Spanish synthetic suede
Comes with dust bag

Our handbags are handmade in Spain and the metal frames are crafted locally in Canada. Due to the artisanal process of crafting each bag, only 99 units of each color will be produced. This is our commitment to the highest quality.